Pieter van der Aa


With his hands and tools a good carpenter can make objects that are the envy of many less skilful mortals. Then there are those rare cases where the carpenter becomes something that is best described by the French word “artisan”. Not only does he copy work from a drawing or plan that has been made by someone else but with his creative mind he creates objects that in their beauty or originality transcend the point of ordinary furniture or parts of a building and become works of art in themselves.

And then there is Pieter van der Aa!

Rarely does one meet someone who has mastered such a wide spectrum of the art of building in wood and combined that with a creative spirit that knows no borders. From the design of a complete house, stairways, furniture, jewellery, shops or yachts, all these are part of the daily life and the portfolio of the “artisan extraordinaire” Pieter van der Aa.

This website provides an overview of some of the larger and/or special projects that Pieter has done over the years, for himself or on assignment.
We have tried to limit the number of words, as the images speak for themselves. Just lean back and enjoy the journey through a small portion of his work.

Maybe even become a little envious?


If you are interested in a detailed service portfolio and would like to know how Pieter van der Aa can support you in having a classic icon built for yourself, do not hesitate to contact us.