Studio Dubbeldam

It will come as no surprise that Pieter van der Aa is not the only creative spirit in his family. In her studio in Rhoon his sister Joke Dubbeldam makes beautiful jewellery in steel, silver and gold, but of course also in special rare types of wood such as Snakewood and Lignum Vitae that are supplied by Pieter. She also makes specialist utensils such as USB sticks and rulers from solid silver and Snakewood.

Inspired by organic forms, she creates unique jewellery and she does this in a workshop built by her brother Pieter. The ergonomically shaped workbench is a work of art in itself and it is not surprising that this environment inspires special designs.

Printed tables

After years of painting and varnishing Pieter came up with an idea to take the base material of wood  one step further by printing images onto finished products such as tables or cupboards. The technique is quite complicated and demands an incredible accuracy both in the way the table is first built, then dismantled into smaller parts and then run through a very large printer. After printing these sections of the table it is reassembled and glued back together. This has to be done precisely ensuring that the image once more becomes a single entity without a single fault or seam. The result is both impressive as well as intriguing.

In the past Pieter van der Aa had worked with photographer Mirjam Bleeker when she photographed some of his earlier work and she brought him into contact with the artist Pieke Bergmans. Together they produced a number of tables which met with wide acclaim at various exhibitions.

Besides images of buildings from, among others, New York they also commissioned a graphic designer to produce some line drawings which were also printed on the tables. The effect of this is quite astounding and the fact that these hundreds of tiny lines all join up together again when the table is reassembled is a fine tribute to the craftsmanship of van der Aa.